7 June 2021

Italy in white zone soon

The last weeks represented a first step towards the return to normality, thanks to the re-opening of many commercial and recreational activities. Anyway, it’s worth remembering […]
3 June 2021

Nursing Homes, entry allowed only with FFP2 mask and to possessors of Green Pass

The measures regulating the entry of relatives and visitors to hospitality or longterm care structures, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities have been revised by an ordinance of […]
3 June 2021

New! Family Package for FFP2 Masks certified and produced in Italy

The new package of FFP2 Masks certified CE and produced in Italy by Itaprotect has been designed for the family needs. The new box contains 40 […]
18 May 2021

The FFP2 masks produced and certified in Italy are on sale online at Amazon. Immediate shipping.

The new FFP2 Itaprotect Masks are a PPE class III, that is the highest class. In order to be classified as FFP2, the masks must be […]
18 May 2021

Why choosing the FFP2 Itaprotect mask produced and certified in Italy?

There are 3 macro-categories of masks: personal protection device (PPE), medical device (MD) and “collectivity” mask (fabric masks). The PPE category includes the mask with the […]
17 May 2021

International family day

  The UN considers the family as the “fundamental social group and natural environment for the development and well-being of all its members, especially children”. ITAPROTECT […]
11 May 2021

Who can use certified FFP2 masks?

  CE certified FFP2 masks (without valve) are indicated for: – Army, Police and fire fighters, especially in case of emergency and rescue; – All health […]
5 May 2021

What it the certificate of conformity for and which information does it contain?

The certificate of conformity, issued by an approved laboratory, must contain mandatory information. If such information is not contained, it is very probable that the certificate […]
5 May 2021

Keeping hands clean is an act of love for ourselves and for the others.

On May 5th of every year is celebrated the World Hand Hygiene Day for raising all over the world awareness of the importance of Hand Hygiene […]
26 April 2021

How to dispose of the surgical and FFP2 certificated masks?

1. If you used a disposal mask, dispose of it with unsorted waste. 2. If you used a re-usable mask, put it in a bag and […]
19 April 2021

Itaprotect sales on line the FFP2 Certified Mask

You can buy the best FFP2 masks made in Italy and certified CE hrogh our direct channel. On line you can find the lowest price for […]
19 April 2021

Will it be possible stop using the mask after the anti Covid vaccination?

Also after receiving the vaccination it will be necessary to observe the protection procedures toward other, such as the mask, the social distancing and the hand […]
13 April 2021

The FFP2 anti-fogging Mask produced and certified in Italy

The FFP2 anti-fogging Masks are produced by Itaprotect SPA in its plant in Italy. Certified in Italy with certification CE 0477 by an Italian Notification Body, […]
7 April 2021

Don’t do it yourself: Itaprotect studied for you the FFP2 ANTI-FOGGING masks CE0477 AND MADE IN ITALY.

ITAPROTECT reinvents itself, studies and designs the FFP2 anti-fogging masks, to protect you in family, professional and medical-health environments. We believe in scientific research and invest […]
18 March 2021

The anti-fog mask produced and certified in Italy

FFP2 Face Masks Made in Italy and Certified CE 0477 produced by Itaprotect S.p.A. Mask produced in compliance with the UNI EN 149:2001 + A1: 2009 […]
15 March 2021

Where to find the mask FFP2 Anti Fog Itaprotect?

Where to find the FFP2 Anti-fog Certified masks? The FFP2 Masks Certified Anti-fog CE 0477 Made In Italy are available: through the direct online order from […]
5 March 2021

How are the FFP2 anti-fogging and Made in Itay Certified masks packaged?

  The FFP2 anti-fogging certificed masks are individually wrapped and have an anti-fogging nasal system. They are ideal for hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, resturants, bar, […]
25 February 2021


How to solve the problem of the fogging glasses? Itaprotect produces FFP2 anti-fog masks certified CE and Made in Italy, effective PPE against the spread of […]
18 February 2021

How to use the Itaprotect FFP2 Mask with anti fog flaps?

Below some precautions for using correctly the FFP2 ANTIFOG and reduce the trasmission: 1) Open the face mask. 2) Fold the flaps toward the inside of […]
18 February 2021

What is the difference among FFP2 mask, surgical mask and washable mask?

The mask is an indispensable tool to protect yourself from Covid-19 and to reduce the transmission of the virus. Especially in this period when we live […]
18 February 2021

The use of FFP2 and surgical masks, from ISS a guide to the indications of the Dpcm

In accordance with the Decree of the Italian Prime Minister dated 26th of April the use of protective masks became mandatory in neighbouring spaces or outside […]
18 February 2021

Why wearing a mask is important.

According to the Decree of the Italian Prime Minister dated 24th of October 2020 it is mandatory to wear the mask whenever it is possible both […]
12 February 2021

A new goal achieved for Itaprotect: the ISO 9001-2015 CERTIFICATION

Itaprotect Spa, a young company but always focused on continuous and constant improvement and with the aim of optimizing its organizational structure, has requested and obtained […]
29 January 2021

The new FFP2 mask wit anti-fog system

FFP2 Face Masks Made in Italy and Certifified CE 0477 produced by Itaprotect S.p.A. The mask is made up of 5 layers with high filtering capacity […]
5 November 2020

ITAPROTECT SPA, company 100% Made in Italy, born for the industrial production of protective masks

ITAPROTECT SPA is a dynamic ITALIAN company, with a strong know-how in the industrial production of protective masks 100% Made in Italy. Our daily commitment it’s […]